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Crystal Corner was founded in May 1999 by Kevin Soo and Lydia Wong,with the opening of the Crystal Corner store in the prestigious Suria KLCC.The attentive service,extensive sharing of the knowledge in crystal,mineral and semi-precious stone selection,and value-for-money pricing soon attracted a wide base of loyal customers.

Todate,Crystal Corner is a crystal chain store with 7 outlets in Malaysia.We offer the widest range of semi precious stones with high quality and unique design  in house crystal jewellery.

Concept & Vision

Crystal Corner's concept is unique in its simplicity.The owner's passion and knowledge of crystals is well-known among clients.By adhering to the strictest standards of quality-from the sourcing of gems and careful matching of each piece of custom-made jewellery to individual clients,to ensuring efficient friendly service and proving total maintanance and care for gems and crystals-and providing a multitude of choices at reasonable prices,the company's discerning customers remain loyal purchasers for years to come.Satisfied customers also provide the most effective marketing tool via ward of mouth to their friends and families.

Products & Services

Crystal Corner undoubtedly offers the widest collective range of gem quality crystals and minerals,and semi-precious stone in Malaysia.The company is also well-known for their exclusive designs and settings for specially-selected exotic stones such as rainbow moonstone,kunzite,multi-coloured tourmaline,and exquisitely beautiful ammolite.Here,Crystal Corner's focus on quality is of utmost importance because of the unique naturally-occurring characteristics of each crystal,mineral and semi-precious stone.


  • Consultation and advisory-product features and attributes,selection tips.
  • Astrology calculation and feng shui consultation.
  • Maintainance and care-crystal cleansing,energizing,programming and general care.